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The History of Ian Catling Consultancy

ICC was formed in 1983 by Ian Catling, a mathematician and systems analyst who had been the manager of the Ganymede division of SIA with responsibility for the management of the software group developing real-time applications. Before that he was a traffic modeller at the UK Department of Transport.

ICC was one of the earliest organisations specialising in what was to become known as ITS, the combination of information technology and telecommunications applied to transport applications to improve the way we travel and move goods.

Significant dates in the development of ICC and the promotion of ITS include:
1983Ian Catling establishes ICC as an independent consultancy.
1983 - 1985Ian Catling is technical project manager for the innovative Hong Kong Electronic Road Pricing pilot project.
1984 - 1986Establishment of software marketing activities for the UK Department of Transport.
1985 - 1986Project leaders for feasibility study of automatic toll collection in Hong Kong.
1985 - 1986Project leaders for study and pilot implementation of the Traffic Accident Data System in Hong Kong.
1985 - 1990Consultants to the UK Department of Transport for the London Autoguide Demonstration Scheme, including project management for the design and implementation of the scheme.
1986 - 1991Deputy chairmanship of the international "PRO-GEN" group, representing traffic authorities within the PROMETHEUS programme under the European EUREKA initiative.
1987 - 1990Specialist advisers on automatic toll collection for Virginia Department of Transportation, USA.
1987 - 1988Consultants to the Commission of the European Communities on the establishment of the DRIVE programme.
1988ICC coordinates first UK route guidance demonstration with Autoguide in London for Department of Transport.
1988 - 1991Consultants to the Dutch Government on road pricing, as part of the original Rekening Rijden project.
1989Production of Autoguide video for UK Department of Transport.
1989 – 1991Project managers and prime contractors of the original SOCRATES project which proved the feasibility of the approach subsequently developed in DRIVE 2.
1989 - 1991Project managers and prime contractors of TARDIS project within the European DRIVE 1 programme : TARDIS developed functional requirements for integrated ITS systems and application.
1990 - 1995Specialist consultants on route guidance to GEC, including implementation of GIS-based route guidance and information systems.
1990 - 1991Study of ITS potential for Daimler Benz, Germany.
1990 - 1992Ian Catling a member of "POLIS" Task Force for the implementation of ITS in European cities.
1991ICC is founding member of IVHS America, later to become ITS America.
1991ICC coordinates the successful launch and field trails of SOCRATES in Gothenburg, demonstrating a prototype cellular radio system to collect floating car data and provide dynamic route guidance to equipped vehicles.
1991 - 1992Study of the Role of the Authorities in the development of Advanced Travel Information Systems, for the Dutch Government. This study was part of the development of the current successful Travel Information Centre operated by Rijkswaterstaat.
1992 - 1994Ian Catling is chairman within DRIVE of the multi-project "Topic Group" concerned with Travel and Traffic Information.
1992 – 1995Project managers of the SOCRATES Kernel project, and overall coordinator of all SOCRATES developments within DRIVE 2. The SOCRATES projects demonstrated a range of information-based ITS applications using cellular radio, and included the implementation of GIS-based travel information centres.
1992Ian Catling a member of the "Waterloo Group" which is instrumental in setting up RTI Focus, later ITS United Kingdom; ICC is founding member.
1992 - 1995Project managers of LLAMD, a major multi-national research project within the European Communities' DRIVE 2 programme. LLAMD involved integrated ITS field trials in five European cities.
1993 - 2001Commissioning editors for the UK "Transport Telematics" newsletter published by ITS UK.
1993 - 2001Advisers to the Scottish Development Department on driver information systems.
1993Specialist advisers on Road Pricing technology for the Avon (Bristol) Traffic Restraint Study.
1993 - 1994Members of an expert team sponsored by the European Community responsible for conducting communications requirements capture throughout Europe. ("DRIVE Normalised Transmission")
1994ICC participate in Cebit, the international telecommunications exhibition and demonstrate the SOCRATES concept to the telecommunications industry.
1994 - dateIan Catling appointed as General Secretary of the SOCRATES Steering Group, which consists of multinational companies promoting the commercial implementation of the SOCRATES, travel information system.
1994First World Congress on ITS held in Paris. ICC coordinate two exhibition stands and presents technical papers.
1994SOCCON ’94, ICC coordinate the SOCRATES conference and demonstration held in Frankfurt.
1994ICC coordinate on-street demonstrations of SOCRATES in London, the first UK demonstration of dynamic route guidance using cellular radio.
1994ICC signs strategic association agreement with TecnEcon, subsequently Hyder Consulting.
1994Artech House publishes "Advanced Technology in Transport: ATT and IVHS", edited by Ian Catling.
1994Information Technology and Road Transport (Phase 2) project for the Transport Research Laboratory. This included a Review of opportunities and trends for UK industry in ITS.
1994 - 1995Leaders of a specialist team for the UK Department of Transport on the assessment of technology for congestion charging in London.
1994 - 1995Members of the international Task Force "CARDME" (Concerted Action on Road Demand Management for Europe) funded by the European Commission.
1995Technical advisers to Dubai Transport Corporation on advanced telematics for taxi fleet systems.
1995Second Forum on the European Automobile Industry held in Stuttgart. ICC coordinate SOCRATES demonstrations at this prestigious European Commission. / European Parliament event, including demonstrations for senior industrialists, officials, MEPs and Commissioner Bangemann.
1995Second World Congress on ITS held in Yokohama. ICC demonstrate SOCRATES and LLAMD systems on the European Commission stand, and present technical papers.
1995 - 1996Leaders of the DATEX/TRACE international standardisation group concerned with ITS message formats, concentrating on travel information.
1995 - 1996Coordinators of the proposed SOCRATES 3 project in the European Fourth Framework of research and development recommended for funding by the Commission.
1995ICC coordinate the "Smart Vehicle" demonstrations at the G7 (group of 7 leading industrial nations) Conference and Showcase, Brussels 1995, including demonstration of SOCRATES to newly appointed Commissioner for transport, Neil Kinnock.
1995 - 1997Specialist advisers on the potential of Transport Telematics in the Dublin Heavy Goods Vehicle Management study.
1995 - 1999Coordinators of the TABASCO project in the European Fourth Framework of research and development. TABASCO implemented demonstration ITS systems in 6 European cities and regions, focusing on advanced traffic management and the provision of travel information.
1995 - 2000Project managers for the European 'TEAM' project, providing coordinated public relations activities for the European Commission on advances in ITS.
1996 - 1997Study of the market context related to Telematics applications for Transport. This included in-depth investigation and assessment of the market status and requirements for travel information, and other applications.
1996 - dateIan Catling is convenor of the ISO/CEN standardisation group developing the international standard for Electronic Fee Collection based on satellite positioning and cellular radio communication.
1996ICC support the opening of the Amsterdam Arena promoting the new facilities and the benefits of ITS to a wide audience.
1996 - 1999Specialist advisers on automatic fee collection to the Israeli Government body responsible for the Cross-Israel Highway.
1996 - 1999Specialists on Transport Telematics to a leading British ITS service operator.
1996Third ITS World Congress held in Orlando. ICC coordinate exhibition stand for a leading ITS operator, support the European Commission stand and present technical papers.
1997ICC supports the HANNIBAL project with the evaluation of the Mobility Management system demonstrated in Sestrieres at the World Alpine Skiing Championships.
1997ICC advise and support the visit of officials of the European Commission to the World Alpine Skiing Championships which include ITS mobility management systems, and the first live demonstration of ITS information from the Internet using the Nokia Communicator.
1997Fourth World Congress on ITS held in Berlin. ICC coordinate European Commission exhibition stand, facilitate the visit of Commissioner Kinnock to the POLIS stand and arrange press interviews.
1998Co-producer of a video for the European Commission DGVII and DGXIII "European Commission : Supporting projects – building the transport systems of tomorrow".
1998 - 2000Consultancy services to POLIS (The European network of cities and regions), producer of a video for ‘ITS Working for Europe’ and brochure ‘ITS in Cities and Regions’.
1998Coordination of the European Commission DGXIII-C6 participation in the international maritime exhibition POSIDONIA ’98 in Greece and the driver assistance for vehicle control demonstration DEMO’98 in the Netherlands.
1998Producer of a video on driver assistance for vehicle control projects within the Telematics Application Programme.
1998Expert technical input to study of ITS on the Hong Kong road network.
1998Fifth ITS World Congress held in Seoul; ICC assists the European Commission in its exhibition stand and presents technical papers.
1998 - 2002ICC establishes consortium and manages the INITIATIVE EU project, which demonstrates EFC interoperability aspects for the first time.
1999IT'S in Amsterdam, the first European congress on ITS. ICC support the European Commission and POLIS exhibitions by providing a range of brochures on ITS, and present technical papers.
1999ICC appointed as specialist advisers to the Department of Transport, the Environment and the Regions (DETR) on Road User Charging Urban Scheme Design Principles and Policy.
1999ICC appointed as specialist advisers to Bristol City Council on the design of a Road User Charging scheme.
1999Sixth World Congress on ITS held in Toronto; ICC assists the European Commission in its exhibition stand and presents technical papers.
2000ICC conducts studies on RUC in Belfast for the Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland.
2000ICC provides technical input to study in New Zealand on RUC for heavy vehicles.
2000 - dateMembers of ITS expert group for the European project ‘ROSETTA’.
2000ICC support POLIS in the ‘CARISMA Transport’ project and produce final results brochures.
2000ICC provides expert assessment of EC Directorate-General Energy and Transport (DG-TREN) funded projects as part of the annual review procedure.
2000ICC participates in the evaluation of project proposals for DG-TREN.
2000 - dateScheme design and analysis for the development of the proposed a road user-charging scheme for the City of Edinburgh Council and their independent company Transport Initiatives Edinburgh Ltd.
2000 - 2001UK site managers for the European project ‘ITSWAP’, developing ITS services using the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP).
2000Seventh ITS World Congress held in Turin; ICC manages ITSWAP project stand and presents technical papers.
2000 - 2002Expert advisers on ITS-based parking management system.
2001 - 2002Project management services to Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands to coordinate the CENTRICO major Euro-regional project, implementing ITS systems on the Trans-European Road Network (TERN) valued at €377m over the next six years.
2001ICC appointed by the National Assembly of Wales to develop the Welsh strategy and programme for Transport Direct.
2001Expert input on the development of future strategy for Congestion Charging in London.
2001Study of future transport policy development for Hampshire County Council.
2001 - 2002Development of implementation plans for Congestion Charging in London.
2001Eighth World Congress on ITS held in Sydney; ICC participates in ITS UK exhibition stand and presents technical papers.
2002ICC part of consortium appointed by Bristol City Council to study effects of Road User Charging.
2002Ian Catling appointed as member of expert group advising Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions on technology for Lorry Road User Charging.
2002ICC provide expert consultancy to the Government of Qatar on ITS systems.
2002ICC member of winning consortium appointed to advise HM Customs and Excise on Lorry Road User Charging technology.
2002Ninth ITS World Congress held in Chicago; ICC participates in ITS UK exhibition stand; Ian Catling participates in Executive Sessions and presents technical papers.
2002ICC conducts study and review of RUC technology and systems for SANEF, France.
2002ICC coordinates and manages INITIATIVE demonstration day for invited decision-makers from around Europe.
2002 - 2003Study of commercial framework for Lorry Road User Charging.
2002ICC coordinates and manages on-street ANPR camera technology trials for the City of Edinburgh.
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