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Strategic Alliances

ICC maintains a policy of cooperation with other organisations and has an impressive track record of building, leading, managing, supporting and participating in joint initiatives throughout the World.

As one of the pioneers of ITS, ICC recognise the need for strategic alliances to promote the benefits and potential of ITS. Many of our international commissions have comprised teams from different organisations bought together for specific projects.


While ICC maintains its independence and freedom, we have a long-term strategic alliance with Hyder, which provides them with the status of preferred partner.

Hyder Consulting has a tradition of excellence and innovation based on a long history in consulting engineering developing from one of the earliest practices to be found anywhere in the world. It provides multi-disciplinary consultancy services for projects across five continents and in more than 90 countries.


ICC is a founder member of the SPRUCE group (Specialist Providers of Road User Charging Expertise) which comprises three leading consultancies with unrivalled experience in road user charging and traffic demand management, working together to provide total solutions.

In SPRUCE, ICC provides expert services in ITS, and the experience of electronic fee collection systems design, development and implementation in three continents. ICC contributes more than 18 years of involvement in state-of-the-art road user charging systems combined with a deep understanding of European research and development programmes and opportunities for funding.

The other SPRUCE partners are:

Hyder Consulting (www.hyder-consulting.com) and Transport & Travel Research Ltd (TTR) (www.ttr-ltd.com)

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