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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transport Systems, or "ITS", are the result of combining information and telecommunication technologies with the vehicles and networks that move people and goods.

"Intelligent" - because they bring extra knowledge to travellers and operators.

In vehicles - ITS help drivers navigate, avoid traffic hold-ups, and improve safety through driver support systems.

On trains and buses - they improve safety and communications and let managers optimise fleet operation and offer passengers automatic ticketing and real-time running information.

On the road network - ITS co-ordinate traffic signals, monitor, detect and manage incidents and display information, guidance and instructions to drivers. ITS information is accessible in homes and offices, through public display boards, purpose built units, and via teletext, mobile phones and pagers and the Internet.
ITS enable mobile transactions and bookings and provide traveller location and support services.

ITS provide information to enable improved management and decision making, increased efficiency, comfort and safety.

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